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Description: Oregano essential oil is a must-have addition to your medicine cabinet. It is an excellent immune booster, and works wonders when used topically for skin (including acne, warts and cold sores), parasitic and fungal infections. It also helps aid digestion, can alleviate severe allergy and menstrual symptoms and more.

Ingredients: 100% pure organic oregano [organic oreganum compactum]


Properties: Food poisoning, bacterial and fungal infection, respiratory infection (bronchitis), viral infection (cold/flu), parasites/powerful anti-infectious agent, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic

Directions for Use: This oil can be used mixed with a carrier oil or lotion (20-25 drops in an 8oz. bottle of lotion or oil) or it may be used neat. Be sure to skin test prior to application.

15ml: $25.00 ea.

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