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The 9 Banded Armadillo 

Armadillos symbolize

  • longevity

  • respect

  • trust

  • curiosity

  • discernment and

  • protection

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One of the oldest living mammals on Earth, the nine bandeds' love to dig and burrow, unearth what is hidden or 'get to the root of the matter.' This is the very definition of functional medicine. As a functional medicine company, our medicine is understanding our own personal boundaries, respecting the boundaries of others, carrying our protection with us at all times, understanding our vulnerabilities, empathy, discernment, medicine shield/safety, longevity and being connected to the earth or grounded. In this way, we create oils that promote medicine with the understanding that getting to the root of a matter, unearthing what is hidden, is the best way to heal and create long term change. 

Armadillos symbolize 

boundaries and protection;

ie: knowing your own personal boundaries and those of others. Armadillos carry their armored protection with them at all times. 

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The day we met the armadillo

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The number nine

Growing up in Oklahoma, each year we would celebrate our grandmother’s birthday by gathering near our grandparents' pecan grove; land that our great-grand father homesteaded. We would gather to tell stories, laugh, eat, and sleep under the stars. Years later, we took the opportunity to revisit the pecan grove. It was there we came across two, young, nine-banded armadillos, a moniker this peculiar mammal had been labeled in Central and South America due to the nine segments or bands within their armor. We watched unnoticed for several moments as they burrowed for grubs and other delectables. When they noticed us, they let out startled squeals and jumped several inches into the air, and waddled off quickly as thei little ears wiggled. The moment was significant. It was like stepping back into childhood where life was simple and mysterious. 

Nine holds profound meaning in many cultures.  

There are nine energy centers or chakras of the body – seven temporal and two etheric. The number nine is sacred in Egypt,  synonymous with the Ankh, nine symbolizes resurrection to life.  Nine also symbolizes the nocturnal and terrestrial for the Aztecs. Most all traditions associate the number nine with the totality of the human being and the eternal. Biblically, there are nine FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT and the nine GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT. Nine is used to define the perfect movement of God.  Nine is the number of patience, and there are nine choirs of angels.


Our patriarch is one of nine children.  The number nine means: our last name, home, family, loyalty, honor, influence and protection.


The day we saw the 9 banded armadillo in my grandparents pecan grove was 01/20/2013. Numerology shows us, this equals 9.


"The armadillo combined with our Native American ancestry and the significance of the number nine influenced the design of our logo."

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